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Best Irish Breakfasts in Dublin !!

If you are Irish with our full irish breakfast you will feel like at home. If you are visiting Dublin and you want to try something very typical in Ireland, don't doubt about coming to The Joy of Chá situated in Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin. Those are the reasons why you shouldn't leave the opportunity of trying our famous breakfast:

Irish Breakfast, a quality meal

Irish cuisine is one of the most renowned styles of cooking worldwide. This particular type of cuisine takes pride in the excellent quality of its beef, known all over the world as the Irish beef. The Irish cuisine is likewise influenced by the crops grown and the animals farmed in Ireland’s unique temperate climate. The breakfast is not just any other ordinary breakfast, but rather a fully cooked meal that could give you the necessary energy you need for the day. In fact, breakfast is considered to be a very important meal of the day for Irish people. This is the reason why it is rather heavy and rich in protein.. In contrast to other themes, this particular meal is supposed to be satisfying and filling, keeping an individual fueled for several hours.

Ingredients of a full Irish breakfast

The most common component of an Irish breakfast is the Irish meat represented by large, chunky sausages and delightful, bacon rashers. Together with these high-protein dishes are scramble eggs or fried, which also offer the same nutrient. An Irish style breakfast would never be complete without the traditional black and white puddings. A black pudding is typically a type of sausage made up of cooked blood. Pig, cattle, duck and goat blood are often used in this particular type of dish. On the other hand, white pudding does not consist of blood but instead contains pork mean, fat, oatmeal, suet and bread formed into a sausage. The crops used for a full Irish style breakfast include potatoes and tomatoes. The breakfast may be served with an Irish breakfast tea to help in the digestion of the protein.

Looking for a different breakfast in Dublin ?

If you are vegetarian, or you just wanna try something different don't worries. In The Joy of Chá you will find a large range of meals for a good start to your day:

*The Full American Breakfast: Pancakes with Maple syrup, scrambled eggs with crispy bacon

*Breakfast Bagel: Grilled bagel with melted cheese, egg and crispy bacon

*French breakfast: Croissant with Swiss cheese and bacon

*Traditional Irish Sausages, Toast and Eggs: two Irish Pork Sausages, with eggs and toast

*Scrambled Egg on Toast: A pair of eggs scrambled or fried and served with two toast

*Croissant and Scrambled Eggs: Diary baked croissant paired with scrambled eggs

*Croissant with cheese and tomatoes

*Pancakes served with syrup and nuts

*Cream Cheese/Peanut Butter bagel

*Bagel and Peanut Butter

*Toasted Bagel




We hope to see you soon and make you happy!

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