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We take our tea and other beverages seriously and we have searched out our suppliers with care.coffee suppliers

But we are enthusiasts, not fanatics. So whilst we are always happy to chát about chá we hope to never intimidate you but to gently encourage you to try a new tea and learn more about the fantastic world of teas.

We buy our teas from a specialist and long-established German tea merchant, Dethlefsen & Balk. Established in 1836, the company has almost 200 years of history reaching back to the days before tea became the real Irish national drink, when it was still a luxury subject to tax here.

+B are not content to just import finest Black and Green teas but continually develop new and interesting infusions.

We also take as much care with our coffee as we do with our teas. Given our coffee background with the Joy of Coffee, you wouldn’t expect any less of us.

Our coffee comes from Ariosa Coffee Roasting Co, of Ashbourne, Co. Meath, which is run by a man as driven about coffee as we are about tea. His name is Michael and you can find him in the Temple Bar Food Market in Meeting House Square every Satuday. http://templebar.ie/Market/Food_Market

Our Italian Hot Chocolates and Cremes we specially sourced in the Italian Dolomite mountains from a small family-run business, Naturalmix. In the Italian Alps, where they really know about the cold,the people really know how important a warming and thick hot chocolate is. Not the thin milk chocolate drink we grew up on, this Hot Chocolate is so thick you can almost stand a spoon in it. Their range of Le Parisien drinks are exclusive to us.

We also aim to support artisan Irish food producers and will be working to further support them.