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When the Joy of Chá first opened its doors in 2006 it was the first Specialist Tea Shop in Dublin, it was the younger sibling of a famous Temple Bar icon, the late Joy of Coffee, a landmark which had been bringing proper espresso to Dublin since 1995.

It was opened because Sergey Letsko, who had risen to become Manager of the Joy of Coffee, saw that he was unable to get the vast selection of teas he was used to in his homeland. He convinced the owners of the coffee shop to back him and so the Joy of Chá was opened.

With a selection of almost 100 different teas available the Joy of Chá soon attracted the attention of tea enthusiasts. People who were delighted to at last be able to choose from a huge selection of loose teas and the accessories which enrich their appreciation.

When the Joy of Coffee was sold in 2008, Sergey and one of the former partners in the previous business, Dara Gallagher, took over the business, determined to keep offering the finest teas to a discerning Dublin public.

We sell great coffee too!